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Get on the road to Financial Success with

Our Tax Preparation, Planning and

Business Consultant Services

 (We Have Keep It Simple Solutions)

 SBC Solutions LLC

Sharon Youse Griffin, the Founder and CEO of SBC Solutions LLC, started this company in November 1998 because she recognized a significant knowledge gap when it came to tax preparation and planning. Many people, including family and friends, lacked the understanding and resources needed to navigate through the complex world of taxes. And that's a problem she wanted to address.

Since then, She have dedicated herself to not only providing expert tax preparation and planning services but also educating individuals on how to maximize their financial gains.


At SBC Solutions LLC, we believe that knowledge is power, and we're here to empower you with the information and strategies you need for financial success.


As of August 2023, the staff of SBC Solutions have assisted with helping over 12,500 individuals with their tax preparation and planning.


SBC Solutions LLC is where you come to receive a solution not a quick fix.



Knowledge is Powerful Not Only When Applied But Shared

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Sharon Youse Griffin 


A Passion that turned Into a Paycheck.

In 2000, Sharon decided to turn her  tax preparation and planning passion into a part-time paycheck with providing services for her family and friends. After receiving the support of family she turned her passion into a full-time tax preparation and planning service in 2004. 

Currently, SBC Solutions LLC headquarter is located in High Point, NC.  

Stand Boldly in Helping Others Achieve

"I stand boldly in helping others achieve their goals with Simple Building Financial Strategies. Which will lead to an increase in their cash flow."

Sharon Specializes in: Tax Preparation and Planning, Business Consulting, Notary Public

Learn the Rules, Play the Game, Gain the Wealth

Our Team Of Executives

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Kaki Clark

Office Executive/ Advisor

Kaki is our office executive manager. She has been with SBC Solutions for 8 years. She has her own consultant business Faith Enterprisez LLC.

Brenda Boyd

CFO/Tax Educator

Brenda has her Doctorate in Business and Accounting.

She worked with Jackson Hewitt  for 21 years. She has been an Adjunct Professor for Business since 2013.

She has been a part of SBC Solutions for 6 years. 

She has her own business,

Boyd Services

Richard Griffin


Richard (Ricky) is over our transportation department. He has his own transportation business, Here to Serve U LLC and catering business. He has been with us for 3 years.

Francine Bowens

Public Relation Executive

Francine is new to the team but not new to the financial business industry. 

She has over 25 years of event planning experience. She is the owner of Zynergy Enterprise LLC and Founder of Rock the Block Inc (nonproft organization)

Our People Shall Not Perish Because of the Lack of Knowledge

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