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Get on the Road to Financial Success with

Our Tax Preparation, Planning and Business Consultant Services

(We Have Keep It Simple Solutions)

 Tax Preparation and Planning Services

SBC Solutions LLC has been providing clients personalized tax preparation services throughout the United States since 2000. With our certified training and expansive financial knowledge, we are equipped to handle all of your tax preparation needs, no matter how complex. Whether you require assistance at the corporate or personal level, we are ready to serve as your tax preparers, planners and advisors.

Personal and Business Tax Planning Services

The success of any individual finances is properly planning for the "now" and the "what ifs". We have a program that teaches how to MAXIMIZE YOUR TAX DEDUCTIONS to assist with paying less taxes, building a "right now" emergency fund and a "12 month from now" emergency fund. The Setup 4 Success program is Legal and actually fun to do. The recording keeping system we offer is so simple you could train your child to enter the data which allows them to become a contributor to the family hosuehold planning and business. Click the link to learn more.

Personal Tax Planning

Whether your are retiring s​oon, you manage your own investment, have children, inherited money, divorcing or just want to build wealth. A personal tax plan should always be apart of the Wealth Creation Strategy for your household. 

Lets Get Structured

Business Tax Planning

As your business revenue begins to grow the tax liabilites will become shocking. This is the reason why its important to have a plan in place to minimize as much as possible during the beginning stages.

We show you have how to add a tax plan to the 

Wealth Creation Strategy.

Lets Get Structured

    Learn the Rule,​ Play the Game, Gain the Wealth

Tax Preparation Services

Each year there is a possibility that we all should be filing taxes. So why not allow the staff at SBC Solutions LLC take care of you. Its just that Simple.

Single Filer start at $150

3 or more W2/1099-NEC additional $10/each

Schedule C additional $100/form 

Married Jointly start at $350

5 or more W2/1099-NEC additional $10/each

Schedule C additional $100/form 

Head of Household start at $250

3 or more W2/1099-NEC additional $10/each

Schedule C additional $100/form 

Married Separate start at $175

3 or more W2/1099-NEC additional $10/each

Schedule C additional $100/form 

Our People Shall Not Perish Because They Lack of Knowledge

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