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Get to Know Francine Bowens

​Miss. Francine is a lady of integrity. She is someone who will go over and beyond to assist others with coordinating events for a nonprofit organization or small business. She loves to have fun while helping others become successful with their finances.

As the Public Relations Executive for SBC Solutions LLC, she will coordinate finance events such as workshops for personal and businesses.

Her skills, highlights, employment and volunteer history, will add to  SBC Solutions LLC business blueprint to give to consumers all over the world the opportunity to better their finanical situation.

She has a master in Business Administration, has been a President of the NAACP of Thomasville NC, a Lead Tax Preparer for Liberty Taxes, for  25 years an event coordinator and for 33 years a successful tupperware associate.

Just recently, we came together to start her business Zynergy Enterprise LLC and her nonprofit Rock the Block Inc.

An opportunity knocks at everyones door.

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