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Medical Collection Update

The Latest Updates with Medical Collection Reporting

Paid medical collection debts are not supposed to appear on the consumer credit reports as of July 1, 2022. 

Any medical collection debt under $500 should no longer be included on consumer credit reports as of January 2023.

January 2023, some models of credit score calculations will no longer consider medical collections while other models will weigh less heavily than other unpaid accounts.

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Prepare for Grants

Grants are available, are your ready

Listed below are some grants that are available, if you meet the requirements apply. 

CSX Foundation - $5K - Community Service Grant (Apply Here)

Coca Cola - $100K+ (Avg $25K) - Women & Community (Apply Here)

Karma for Cara - $1,000 - Youth Micro Grant (Apply Here)

Walmart - $5,000 - Community Grants (Apply Here) (Closes 12/31)

Microsoft- $150K-Startup (Apply Here)

We research daily for busineses and nonprofits grants.

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